Previously, a film camera had a maximum of 36 photos, now, thanks to smartphones, you can take hundreds of photos and videos in one sitting. However, the memory of the mobile phone is not unlimited and you need to store the content elsewhere. It is easier to do this by transferring files from the phone to the computer via Bluetooth, since there is no dependence on the access and speed of the Internet. We analyze this process by Shareit file transfer.

Shareit as Wireless File Transfer

Wireless file transfer has evolved quite a bit over the past 15 years. Oldfags almost certainly remember how “fun” it was to send pictures, videos, or music to each other using an infrared port. Not only did it last forever, but any wrong movement of the phone could interrupt the transfer of files and it would have to start over. But today, this is much better. And if you also use a special application, then it will be a pleasure for you to exchange files.

Transferring a photo from your phone to your computer is quite simple since everything for this process is already on the surface. To get content, you need to configure the computer.

  1. Go down to the tray (the panel with icons to the left of the clock) and select the Bluetooth icon.
  2. Click on it and find the line “Accept file”.
  3. After that, the window for receiving the information will open.
  4. Go to the Device Gallery.
  5. Select the desired content.
  6. Go to the document menu and select “Send”.
  7. Find the “Bluetooth” icon and select your PC as the recipient.

That’s it, the photos began to be copied to the computer. An Android phone can transfer pictures to any PC, while iPhones can share content “over the air” only with macOS devices via AirDrop. Installing a pirated Hackintosh on a Windows computer will not help – you only need original software. The transfer from a computer to a mobile phone takes place according to a similar algorithm.

Shareit as the Best App for File Transfer

Shareit is, as the creators note, “the fastest file sharing application” that again uses Wi-Fi Direct. At the same time, the program is quite beautiful in itself and even has support for a dark theme. You can exchange files with other devices in three ways: scan a QR code to connect (a QR code scanner is included), connect to each other via NFC, or enter a specially generated code called lenovo shareit.

There are many services that simplify online trading. They will allow you to create your own online store in a few clicks, integrate it to social networks, or export photos and descriptions of your products to various electronic marketplaces. File transfer begins with understanding the target audience. This helps to understand how to present your brand and your products and what qualities of the product should be emphasized. Collects statistics on the behavioral factors of users in different countries of the world: how they buy offline and online, which topics they have more and which are less popular. This data can significantly increase the personalization of offers for customers in a particular country.

In addition, while transferring files, you can simultaneously download something to yourself from other users’ devices. And there is support not only for Android but also for iOS, Windows, and macOS. And all these platforms work great and transfer data among themselves.